Pictures and files remain in Map after deletion

Florian Rötzer

Dear developers, dear community,

I've noticed upon zip-exporting of my maps that the pictures that I used in a map and deleted again are still in the exported zip archive and are probably also encoded in the json export.

I suppose this is done in case a user wants to go back in history and restore images and documents in a map. Unfortunately, this can (in my case) significantly bloat the size of a map. I imagine that this increase in size might even compromise the overall performance of the app.

Is there a possibility to permanently delete files that were uploaded to a map?

Cheers, Florian


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Heiko (admin)

I would have expected, that at least after clicking "Repair" in the Map Menu (☰), attachments are purged, since this also prunes all of the editing history. However, this does currently not work and so it seems there there is currently no user friendly way to get rid of outdated attachments.
Thanks for pointing this out.
Emergency workaround for technical folks: Delete unwanted files from JSON export and re-import modified file.


Heiko (admin)

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