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Knowledge and data should always be secure. especially in enterprise environments.
What about your roadmap to realiz this?


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The company made a survey some time ago about who would pay what price for an offline installation. It would be better if there was simply a calculation, an offer and a price instead of setting up a bidding process.


Heiko (admin)

Can you be more specific, what you mean and expect?

Our status quo:
- We use state-of the-art transport encryption
- Infinity Maps is hosted on german servers only at Hetzner Online GmbH
- No third parties have access to your map data (no tracking providers, no ad networks etc.)
- Infinity Maps is conmpletely conform with GDPR
- Our database backups are encrypted
- None of our employees except our CTO have the technical possibility of accessing non-public map data
- Maps can be exported anytime for offline or redundant storage
- Maps can be exported on various open formats to ensure the contents can be used even without the app.
- Maps that are loaded can be used, fully viewed and edited offline as long as the browser tab is kept open (except uploading files). Changes are synced when the internet connection is back.
- On premise installation for enterprise customers

Planned for the future:
- more visual export formats like PDF, SVG
- native offline apps that also can load an keep maps completely offline

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