Creator-Name of Mymaps not changed after Display Name was changed

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Michael Rall

I accidently entered my password as Display-name on the registration (because I didn't read and thought its the usual "enter-your-password-a-second-time"-field.

Nonetheless I changed my displayname in my settings, and now old and newly created boards still have my old displayname in the "@"-Text. Also logout and login doesn't help.


p.s. what a great and amazing tool !!!!111elf


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Heiko (admin)

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Heiko (admin)

Hi Michael, unfortunately, even we can not change or hide your login name. I suggest simply deleting your account (I will have to do that, you just have to agree) and you can create a new one. If you have any Maps that you would like to transfer to you new account, you can export them (in JSON format) and import them into you new account.