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Florian Rötzer

Dear community, dear developers,

I would like to copy or duplicate an existing map, including all the documents and images that are included.
So far my workaround is to download and import the map, however, I have to add documents and images manually, which can be tedious.
In case there is no better solution for the task, I would request either a function to directly copy or duplicate a map, or a function to import zip exports of other maps.

Thank you, kind regards :)


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Florian Rötzer

Thanks for the reply. I have tested the workarounds and was able to obtain the results summarized in this public map:

It turned out that my original mistake was that I used the JSON file from the ZIP export to re-import the maps. Here, unlike in the actual JSON export, the (smaller) documents are not encoded in the JSON file and naturally I couldn't re-import them.

Regarding the suggested workarounds, I could come up with the following findings:
(1) Works fine if one uses the JSON export. Exported ZIP archives are not accepted for importing maps.
(2) Does not copy documents. As far as I can tell, the Copy-Paste method only copies a text dump. Additionally, tagged cards seem to produce errorneous results. Also, tags are not copied.
(3) Templates can produce similar errors, where I cannot say with certainty how the errors behave. Tags are not stored in the templates.

Thanks for all the suggestions, hope my results are somewhat helpful.
Kind regards - Florian


Heiko (admin)

Duplicating maps is planned.
Until it is there, there are three workarounds:

1) As you mentioned export and re-import the map. All pictures and attached files should be included, unless they are so big or so many, that it makes the export file too large. Only then, large files are omitted. Another reason for missing pictures could be, that they were inserted by a third party template. Could that be the case? If not, we should have a look, what's wrong.

2) Using Copy and paste: You can copy cards including all content from one map to another. If the map to be duplicated is contained in a single top-level card, copying this one into a new empty map should also do the job. Also here, images from templates might get lost.

3) Using templates: As above, put everything to be duplicated into one card, and in the context- or ⋮-Menu, select Templates > Create Template…
To use the template, use the icon second from the bottom in the left toolbar. This should replicate all pictures most safely.

Please let us hear if this works for you!
Cheers - Heiko


Heiko (admin)

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